Big Game – The One That Almost Got Away

You might have missed this one.  It’s called The Big Game and it stars Samuel L. Jackson as the President of the United States whose not only plummeting in the polls but also from his plane.  In a surprise and vicious attack against Air Force One, the President’s plane is brought down in the mountain wilderness of Finnish, Lapland.   The President is one of few survivors but surviving the crash is just the beginning. Big Game is in the vein of Air Force One (1997), Olympus Has Fallen (2013) and White House Down(2013) – all movies I like despite the collective grab-bag of ludicrous bravado that turns the commander-in-chief into a kick-ass action-hero – with a tiny bit of  the template from The Most Dangerous Game (1932) tossed in and, for added thrills, director Renny Harlin‘s under-rated Sylvester Stallone project, Cliffhanger (1993).  And if I’m to be really generous, I could even add Nicholas Roeg‘s Walkabout (1971) – but that would be stretching things a bit.  Big Game_00181.NEF

The film is an endless run of silly encounters, escapes, confrontations, plot-twists and inaccuracies  -Audiences who are geographically astute are bound to ask how those mountains got into a mountain-less Lapland.  But the movie is too beautifully shot and naively delightful to to begrudge it of any of it’s stumbling blocks.  The charm mostly comes from the young Finnish actor Onni Tommila who plays Oskari, a young teenage boy out to prove himself a man by tracking down a big game. Armed with nothing but a bow and arrow and one night of supplies.  Oskari, who claims to know the mountains and how to survive in them, comes across the stranded President and reluctantly joins the fight to save him against a handful of assassins and hunters.

Critics weren’t to kind to the film during its limited theatrical run, and the movie certainly requires a willingness to just take a deep breath, go with the action and not ask too many questions.

Elevation Pictures is releasing Big Game on BluRay/DVD August 25th.

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Big Game_00040.NEF

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Big Game_00200.NEF

Big Game_00200.NEF

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  • David Widdicombe 1 year ago

    I think it’s supposed to be a satire of the big Hollywood movies of the eighties and nineties of the Air Force One variety. There are many subtle winks to the audience, the filmmakers are saying yes we know this moment is ridiculous, but we enjoyed these movies growing up and aren’t you having fun?